Warrior Engineering



Warrior Engineering is a brain trust for development. The engineers, designers, and technicians involved in Warrior Engineering all share a common passion to innovate and improve everything around us. As a group we push the limits of human knowledge and technology to not just create, but innovate. Imagination is in abundance and we have the education and experience to back it up.

Warrior Engineering is comprised of experienced consultants who have worked in all of the top research and development industries. All of our senior engineers have at least 8 to 10 years of experience in the R&D side of engineering. This establishes an out-of-the-box thinking approach, and ensures we are not limited by current production methods or designs.

This is what we love to do. Most of us can’t even stop in our spare time. We all have our own projects and aspirations as well. This allows us to create an instant bond with our customers as we are as excited about their product as they are. Whether it is a simple plastic clip or an immensely complicated robotic weapons system, there are many interesting aspects in any development project.

As a company Warrior Engineering has chosen to focus on four fields: defense/aerospace, automotive, industrial automation/robotics, and medical. We do work outside these fields from time to time, however these four fields encompass our core competency and where we believe we are the best there is.

We provide services from sketched conceptualization and brainstorming, to marketable production products and everything in-between. Where we truly excel is in the area between these two, the engineering that turns a concept in a real product or system. We are not a design company which provides engineering services. We are an engineering firm that provides design services. We believe form follows function and will never show a customer a flashy design if we cannot make it function. We have industrial designers on staff to make sure that your product has the appeal and details that make it stand out, however our base is engineering, we focus roughly 80-90% of the effort on a product in the detailed engineering aspects rather than flashy images.

We know that flashy images can sell one time contracts, but solid engineering brings customers back. We intend to create long standing partnerships with our clients. We want to work with our clients for years, on multiple projects, not just one. We don’t strive to win design awards; we strive to make our clients successful. If our client is successful, then we are successful. Our design trophies are the projects that need second and third generations designed only because the first innovative product has run a full and successful lifecycle.