Warrior Engineering



Research & Development (R&D)

Our engineering department is comprised of experienced R&D engineers. Our team has a proven track record of bringing products and systems from a concept stage to reality. Whether it is a simple single part consumer product or an advanced weapons system, our team of engineers can make it happen. We have a wide range of experience and have worked in many industries. Our team has experience in: defense and aerospace, automotive (racing and OEM), industrial automation and robotics, medical devices and systems, and consumer products. Our team is knowledgeable and committed to solving problems. We are educated on the latest techniques and materials, and we use the most up-to-date tools for our trade. There is no product or system that we cannot take from concept through production.

Mechanical Engineering Services

  • 3d Parametric Modeling
  • FEA (Finite Element Analysis)
  • CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Moldflow Analysis
  • Material Science
  • Functional Prototype Fabrication
  • Testing and Validation

Electronics Engineering Services

  • Digital and Analog Circuit Design
  • Virtual Simulation and Testing
  • Functional Prototype Fabrication
  • Testing and Validation

Software Engineering Services

  • Multiple Language Software Creation
  • Software/Firmware Troubleshooting
  • Testing and Validation

Production Engineering

We have production engineers on staff to help take your product all the way to the market place. Our production engineering staff is well educated and familiar with current manufacturing and production methods. Our engineers maintain and continue to grow a vast network of manufacturing contacts. So whether you are planning to build the product at your own factory or need help setting up an entire supply chain, we have the experience to help.

Production Engineering Services


Warrior Engineering can produce your concepts, forms, and functional prototypes. Our prototype shop can create prototypes with any level of detail required. In addition to maintaining a vast array of relationships with various types of contract prototyping services, Warrior is also expanding its own internal capabilities. We are currently adding several SRP (Subtractive Rapid Prototype) machines. This will allow us to create functional models out of actual engineering grade materials with better surface finish than traditional additive based methods. SRP allows for use of the actual specified material rather than compromising for similar proprietary materials as is common with additive systems. This capability, along with our relationship with several companies who provide additive based services, allows us to create prototypes or short run production parts for any project, in any industry.

Prototyping Services